Icinga2 – Change layout of email notifications


  • You want to change the layout of the email notifications in Icinga2
  • You want to know, which variables Icinga2 provides


In Icinga2, emails are sent by a command line script (default is one for host and one for service notifications). In a default installation these scripts can be found under/etc/icinga2/scripts

The scripts are easy structured. At first, a variable template is set with a string which defines the mail body. After this template is “printed” and sent to mail. The -s parameter defines the subject of the email notification. (How to setup mail is described in an another post).

The default template looks like this:

template=`cat <<TEMPLATE
***** Icinga *****

Notification Type: $NOTIFICATIONTYPE



Additional Info: $HOSTOUTPUT


/usr/bin/printf “%b” “$template” | mail -s “$NOTIFICATIONTYPE – $HOSTDISPLAYNAME is $HOSTSTATE” $USEREMAIL

This means, you can change the mail body and the subject of the email.


Unfortunately, a listing of the available variables in Icinga2 are difficult to find. I found them in the migration chapter of the Icinga2 docs.

If you need more information in your notification, pick them out of the list. To use a new variable for the template or subject, you have to register them in the environment.

The environment is set in the commands.conf under /etc/icinga2/conf.d/

object NotificationCommand “mail-service-notification” {
import “plugin-notification-command”

command = [ SysconfDir + “/icinga2/scripts/mail-service-notification.sh” ]

env = {
NOTIFICATIONTYPE = “$notification.type$”
SERVICEDESC = “$service.name$”
HOSTALIAS = “$host.display_name$”
HOSTADDRESS = “$address$”
SERVICESTATE = “$service.state$”
LONGDATETIME = “$icinga.long_date_time$”
SERVICEOUTPUT = “$service.output$”
NOTIFICATIONAUTHORNAME = “$notification.author$”
NOTIFICATIONCOMMENT = “$notification.comment$”
HOSTDISPLAYNAME = “$host.display_name$”
SERVICEDISPLAYNAME = “$service.display_name$”
USEREMAIL = “$user.email$”

In the “env = {” statement, a mapping between the Icinga2 variables and the command variables is build up. If you want to add the needed variable, just add a new line.



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